Mission of UC San Diego Commercialization

  • Promote and facilitate the transfer of UC San Diego innovations for the benefit of the University community and the public.


Technology Transfer on the UCSD Campus

The University of California San Diego (UCSD) recognizes the importance of fostering the development and utilization of innovations that result from research activities on campus for the public good. The proper management and protection of innovations as intellectual properties under various intellectual property laws and international trade treatises is an essential endeavor undertaken by the university to promote the successful placement of innovations for development and to advance the university’s missions. It is the goal of the university to nurture a highly proactive culture committed to the development and transfer of innovations from campus to the private sector for the benefit of society.

Responsibilities of the Commercialization Group

  • Administer intellectual property developed by UCSD researchers as a result of UC employment or use of UC resources.
  • Develop appropriate protection and transfer strategies to maximize the value and usage of UCSD intellectual property.
  • Signatory authority for licenses and other intellectual property agreements.
  • Assist and educate UCSD employees on matters related to intellectual property.


Operating Philosophy of the Commercialization Group

  • Serve & protect the interests of the University & UCSD researchers.
  • Active and equal-opportunity marketing of available UCSD innovations.
  • Fair risk- and benefit-sharing with licensees.
  • Long term and cross-cultural partnership with industries