The following are links to resources that OIC has found helpful in gathering information about specific industries, the business environment, start-ups, venture funding, entrepreneurship, business plans, etc. These sites provide a general view of the complexity and opportunity that awaits your invention.

The sites linked below may be not-for-profit and offer free information. Others may be for-profit and provide their services on a for-fee basis. UC San Diego and OIC make no endorsement of these organizations or companies, nor are they responsible for the content of the sites.


Recommended TrainingWho Might Want to Take the Training
IP AwarenessUCSD faculty and staff who wish to learn about the four main categories of IP: patents, copyright, trademarks, and trade secrets
Patents & Patent Searching: UCSD Enrollment CentralUCSD faculty and staff who want to learn about the patent process and how to search the web for patent information
Legal Issues in Research and Licensing Agreements*All who work with intellectual property agreements
Non-Exclusive, Royalty-Free Invention Rights**Contact to obtain a current course enrollment key All who work with intellectual property agreements 


eMTA TrainingUCSD faculty and staff who transfer materials in or out of the university
IP Awareness Assessment Tool ( web-based tool designed to assess intellectual property (IP) knowledge and provide personalized training resources for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and inventors.
IP Resources ( faculty and staff who would like to learn about university intellectual property
Crash Course in Copyrights (University of Texas)UCSD faculty and staff who would like to learn about copyrights
Research Commercialization and SBIR Center Videos(hosted by


Anyone interested in being an active participant in the Global Innovation Economy including faculty, university tech transfer officials and professionals, startup creation managers and professionals, VCs and angel investors, economic development officers, university economic development officials, government officials, entrepreneurs, licensing specialists, business development officers, corporate strategic investors, entrepreneurs-in-residence, and university research park managers.