Professor Truong Nguyen joined the university in 2001 as professor in computer sciences and engineering at the Jacobs School of Engineering. Along with his research, he manages the Video Processing Group, and teaches courses associated with the Signal Image Processing Program (SIP).

Innovation is an intrinsic part of Professor Nguyen’s career. Prior to coming to UCSD, he also taught at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, University of Wisconsin at Madison, and Boston University. Since his arrival at the university, Professor Nguyen continues to be a prolific innovator with many invention disclosures submitted to the technology transfer office. He is an inventor on multiple patents on wavelet applications with the most recent, US Patent No. 7,197,074 – “Phase plane correlation motion vector determination method”, issued March 27, 2007. In addition, he has several additional patent applications filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office.

In late 2005, technology developed by Dr. Nguyen, was licensed to startup company Video Processing Technologies, Inc. (VPTI). The licensed technology provides for smoother motion animations on wireless systems. Wireless systems normally lack sufficient bandwidth to sustain frame rates high enough to avoid jerky movement, and Nguyen’s innovation addresses this issue. Subsequently, Broadcast International, a publicly traded company that provides video-powered business solutions, acquired VPTI in February 2006 to complement and expand their product lines.

At the university, Nguyen’s Video Processing Group’s research objective is to generate enabling technology for a broad spectrum of devices spanning from HDTV to low-cost mobile devices. The research involves the invention, development, analysis, and implementation of systems with emphasis on low-power applications in image and video processing.

The group’s current research topics include:

  • Image and Video Super resolution for HDTV scaling;
  • Motion compensated frame rate conversion for interlaced and progressive video;
  • Perceptual and efficient motion estimation algorithm; and
  • Image and video enhancement algorithms.

More information on his research projects can be found at

Professor Nguyen received BS, MS, and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from the California Institute of Technology, in Pasadena, California. With over 200 publications, he is also a coauthor, with Professor Gilbert Strang of MIT, of a popular textbook, Wavelets & Filter Banks, Wellesley-Cambridge Press, 1997. In addition, Professor Nguyen authored several matlab-based toolboxes on image compression, electrocardiogram compression, and filter bank design.

In 1992, Professor Nguyen was awarded the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Transaction in Signal Processing Paper Award (Image and Multidimensional Processing) for the paper he co-wrote with Professor P. P. Vaidyanathan of the California Institute of Technology, on linear-phase perfect-reconstruction filter banks.

Professor Nguyen received the NSF Career Award in 1995 and is currently the Series Editor (Digital Signal Processing) for Academic Press. He has served as Associate Editor for the IEEE Transaction on Signal Processing from 1994-1996 and for the IEEE Transaction on Circuits & Systems from 1996-1997. Currently, he is an Associate Editor for IEEE Transaction on Image Processing and a Fellow of the IEEE.