Dr. F. J. “Skip” Cynar is a professional with over two decades of post-PhD academic experience in the business of advancing science through the transfer of knowledge. Presently, as a licensing officer at UCSD’s Technology Transfer Office, Cynar manages a portfolio of inventions and copyrights from physics, engineering, chemistry, and medicine.  He has a doctorate from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography where his research focused on the biogeochemical cycling of methane in the sea.

Before joining the licensing team at the UCSD Technology Transfer Office, Cynar was a Sr. Writer at UCSD and became fluent with transforming emerging developments at the interface of biomedicine and advanced communication technologies into concise summaries appropriate for NIH research proposals, reports, and renewals.

During the ten years prior to this, Cynar was an Sr. Publishing Editor for Academic Press and later Elsevier.  There, he developed a portfolio of journals, monographs, textbooks, and reference works targeting students, educators, and researchers in science and technology—more than 100 unique works, several titles garnering industry awards.

  • Skip Cynar, PhD: Licensing Officer
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