(May 2012 – Ortiva Wireless was acquired by Allot Communications)

Ortiva Wireless offers the industry’s most advanced commercial solutions for proactive management of mobile video, allowing service providers to dramatically improve control, quality, and efficiency of rich media content delivery. Ortiva’s iVOG® (internet Video Optimization Gateway) for open internet media extends service reach, increases network efficiency, and improves video coverage density for mobile operators, while dynamically shaping the content to give subscribers the smoothest video and clearest audio experience possible – regardless of fluctuating and hostile wireless network conditions.

Ortiva’s Bandwidth Allocation technology apportions just the right amount of bandwidth to each subscriber. For example, if one subscriber needs 750 Kbps of bandwidth for video, while another needs only 250 Kbps, Bandwidth Allocation delivers bit rates catered to each subscriber’s specific need.

In contrast, brute force, non video aware methods simply deliver 500 Kbps to each mobile video subscriber regardless of a subscriber’s bandwidth requirements. Non-aware methods result in wasted bandwidth and poor quality. 500 Kbps delivered to a subscriber needing only 250 Kbps wastes bandwidth; while 500 Kbps delivered to a subscriber needing 750 Kbps results in stalls and a poor user experience.

Bandwidth Allocation allows more simultaneous subscribers across available bandwidth, deferring the need for more RAN and backhaul capacity and associated capital expenses. It also reduces RAN and backhaul operating expenses by reducing wasted bandwidth.

Ortiva’s proprietary Inline Transrating technology adapts video content to network conditions in real-time without the expense or scalability concerns of complete transcoding. Ortiva’s transrating engine checks video frames and their properties and reduces only the parts of the content that a subscriber would not notice, reducing bandwidth while providing the same perceived quality of experience. Transrating reduces delivery bandwidth only during drops in available bandwidth, dynamically changing to match bandwidth conditions and thus delivering the best possible quality under the current network conditions.


Ortiva’s iVOG® (internet Video Optimization Gateway) is a video optimization platform designed for wireless operators to improve overall network efficiency and reduce bandwidth consumption, while simultaneously improving end-user experience. It is deployed as a proxy service in the operator network, where it minimizes video data rate on the network, maximizes the number of simultaneous video users, and dynamically modifies video content flow (via transrating) to suit the end-user’s prevailing network conditions.

Ortiva Wireless
4225 Executive Square, Suite 700, La Jolla, CA 92037
Tel: (858) 704-1550
Fax: (858) 704-1721
Founded: 2004

Marc Zionts – CEO
Dr. Sujit Dey – Founder and Chief Technologist
William (Bill) Archer – Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales
Faisal Mushtaq – Vice President, Engineering
Debashis Panigrahi – Chief Software Architect
Ronald Garrison – Vice President, Product Management
Troy Noll – Vice President, Finance & Administration
Aaron Nowlan – Vice President, Customer Service

8/10 – $15.1 M private round
6/07 – $15 M private round
Investors include:
Comcast Interactive Capital (CIC),
Artiman Ventures,
Mission Ventures,
and Avalon Ventures.

Technology Innovator:

Sujit Dey, PhD
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jacobs School of Engineering