MRV Systems provides oceanographic vehicles with comprehensive data integration and vehicle deployment services. Uniquely tied to global research organizations and government agencies, MRV is committed to providing creative and innovative solutions to better monitor, understand, and protect the world’s oceans. The company was founded by Mr. Jim Dufour, upon his retirement after a 30 year career at Scripps Institution of Oceanography(SIO) at UC San Diego, and SEAR Technologies, a San Diego-based venture firm whose focus is on environmental technologies that will provide better engineering and systems for research, education, private sector, and government.

The company collaborates with several research institutions, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) around the world.

MRV’s goals include:

  • Supporting science through cutting edge technology
  • Providing platform research and development, allowing scientists to focus on research
  • Maximizing financial value – more observational profiles per unit cost
  • Customizing vehicles for the specific needs of its clients along with its tremendous sensor integration program; scalability
  • Adding value over its competitors.

MRV is focused on being an intrinsically integrated company—environmentally focused, recycling all waste, maximizing scientific utility, providing full-spectrum services, while striving towards Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) operational standards. The company believes community outreach and education are instrumental to its brand and recognition. It’s goals are designing, building, and analyzing highly reliable and diverse instrumentation and continuation of its outreach program.

The company’s outreach program focuses on the principles of “K through Gray”; concentrating on inspiring youth to consider engineering and science professions and to help them realize that these disciplines are attainable. With a goal to educate and inspire children within the classroom by allowing them to “virtually own” a float, students can follow the complete lifecycle of an ARGO float from deployment to demise. All aspects of the float life history can be incorporated in a myriad of subject matter.

Products and Services
MRV S2A Platform Overview
MRV Systems provides a better, faster, less expensive way to collect oceanographic data. The MRV S2A platform makes it possible to collect the highest resolution data at the lowest cost per profile. Leveraging SOLO-II technology developed and proven by SIO, MRV S2A (vertically profiling autonomous vehicles) can provide global coverage for oceanographic research. An unmatched level of energy efficiency enables the MRV S2A float to provide continuous profiling, sampling every hertz, and averaging data every two meters—providing unequaled return on customer’s research investments.


In 2011, the first 20 MRV floats, produced locally in San Diego, were deployed in the South Pacific as part of the ARGO program. ARGO is a global array of over 3,000 free-drifting profiling floats that measure temperature, salinity, and velocity of the upper 2,000 meters of the ocean, returning data within minutes of collection. ARGO has developed a large user community within universities, government labs, and meteorological/climate analysis/forecasting centers. The need for global ARGO observations will continue for the foreseeable future, and the technologies and design of the array and floats will evolve to meet the needs of the scientists characterizing the global ocean.


MRV S2A vertically profiling autonomous vehicle

MRV Systems, LLC
11558 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 1, San Diego, CA 92121
Tel: (858) 952-5937

Jim Dufour – President
Jason Khoury – CEO

Founded: 2010
Employees: 5 FTE, 3 PTE
Financing: privately funded

Technology Innovator:


Dean Roemmich, PhD
Scripps Institution of Oceanography