dshaw_150pxDr. Shaw has had substantial experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has held positions in large pharma, mid-sized and start-up companies. Prior to joining TTO, Dr. Shaw held the position of Director of Business Development for Attenuon, LLC, a pharmaceutical start-up located in Sorrento Valley focusing on discovery and development of new antiangiogenic agents for oncology. Prior to that, she was the Director of Business Development at IDEC Pharmaceuticals, where she was responsible for the creation and implementation of a new, in-house contract manufacturing business, a promotional marketing campaign, and developing potential out-sourcing clients. In large pharma, Dr. Shaw spent 15 years at Abbott Laboratories, a $3 billion global diversified health care company. At Abbott, she held the position of Director, Technology Assessment, Corporate Licensing and Strategic Planning, and was primarily responsible for the assessment, acquisition, and licensing of pharmaceutical and health care technology opportunities. She was an active participant in Technology Transfer Conferences and also was on the board of TTC. Dr. Shaw also held positions in the Pharmaceutical Products Division including Research Information Scientist, Operations Manager for the Thrombolytic Venture, and Senior Project Manager, Research Management and Development where she was responsible for the planning, prioritizing and managing the development of new pharmaceutical products for world wide marketing. Some of the ethical pharmaceutical products that Dr. Shaw had responsibility for include Hytrin®, Cefmenoxime, Abbokinase®, Depakote®, Calcijex®, Zemplar®, and Lupron®.

Dr. Shaw holds a MS and PhD in Microbiology/Immunology from the University of Illinois College of Medicine; did postdoctoral research in the Division of Biological and Medical Research, Argonne National Laboratory; holds a degree from Blackstone School of Law; and has earned a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) designation which recognizes intellectual property professionals who have demonstrated dedication to higher standards of practice within the licensing industry.

  • Donna Shaw, PhD, CLP: Assistant Director - Life Science Licensing
  • Telephone: (858) 534-6086
  • Email: DonnaShaw@ucsd.edu