ClinMet, Inc. provides pharmaceutical companies with clinically relevant insights and practical information about drug response and safety using metabolomics for diabetes, kidney disease, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Leveraging its founder Dr. Kumar Sharma’s extensive work in the area of kidney disease, ClinMet offers specific solutions in the areas of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and diabetic kidney disease. One in nine American adults have chronic kidney disease and over 485,000 Americans have progressed to end stage renal disease, requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant to stay alive. End-stage renal disease is costly, with an estimate cost of $20 billion to Medicare.

In the United States, diabetes has been a devastating epidemic with over 26 million affected individuals, 7 million undiagnosed, and 79 million with prediabetes. As the seventh leading cause of death in the US, diabetes has been a financial burden on this country with the total cost to be $218 billion in 2007. Much of the excess morbidity and mortality associated with diabetes is related to marker of kidney dysfunction. With an estimated impact of a third of people globally affected by diabetes by 2030, diabetes and CKD will result in a huge medical and cost burden. By leveraging its metabolomic platform and expertise in kidney disease ClinMet also assists Pharma companies to address the cardiovascular risk associated with diabetes related drug development.

Sharpening Clinical Trials
Clinical trials average over $1.5 billion, with failed trials further increasing costs and risks to Pharma. In the current environment of targeting medicine to the individual (aka Precision Medicine) Pharma companies are increasingly partnering with companies like ClinMet that provide companion diagnostics and related insights to sharpen trials.

The ClinMet metabolomics platform specifically addresses:

  • Efficacy: Knowing if a drug is impacting a disease and if there are off-target effects
  • Safety: Avoiding costs associated with late-stage failure or post-approval withdrawal
  • Insight: Gaining novel data into mechanisms of action

ClinMet’s customers are now starting to explore the significant potential the Metabolomics platform has in drug discovery.

Clinmet, Inc.
3120 Merryfield Row, San Diego, CA 92121-1126
Tel: (858) 242-4000
Founded: 2011
Employees: 10

Scientific Advisory Board:
Kumar Sharma, MD, FAHA
Founder and Chief Scientific Advisor
William Nyhan, MD, PhD
Robert R. Henry, MD

Co-Founders & Management:
Yesh Subramanian – President & CEO
Shoba Sharma – Vice President Data, Analytics & Solutions
Sam Hodges – Advisor


Technology Innovator:


Kumar Sharma, MD, FAHA
Professor of Medicine
Director, Institute of Metabolomic Medicine
Director, Center for Renal Translational Medicine