Chris Loryman is a technology manager with experience across a range of industries, in the US and Europe. Before joining TTO, Chris was a Principal Contract Officer at UC San Diego, focusing on researcher-initiated science projects and early-phase clinical trials.

Initially trained in biochemistry, Chris worked in industry, and was part of the Smith & Nephew team acquiring Advanced Tissue Sciences. Relocating to the United States he took charge of the Tissue Engineering Research Laboratory in La Jolla California, before transferring into clinical research to run a Phase 3b oncology study. Following this he moved into early-phase technology development at UCL Business PLC, the technology development company of University College London, where he built a portfolio of early-stage clinical assets, secured over $24 million in translational research funding, and established ThioLogics, a biopharmaceutical company with a portfolio of antibody-drug conjugate technologies. He joined UC San Diego in June 2013.

  • Chris Loryman, BSc: Senior Licensing Officer
  • Telephone: (858) 822-1858
  • Email: