Biological Dynamics, Inc. is dedicated to the development of next-generation diagnostics based on cell-free-circulating nanoparticulate biomarkers utilizing its novel alternating current (AC) electrokinetic devices. The start-up was founded in 2009, based on innovation developed at UC San Diego, Jacobs School of Engineering by Raj Krishnan, when he was a graduate student in the laboratory of Professor Michael Heller (Bioengineering, Nanoengineering).

The ability to quickly isolate cancer-related biomarkers and drug-delivery nanoparticles directly from whole blood has been a major obstacle for early cancer detection. Biological Dynamics uses a microarray dielectrophoretic (DEP) device—in which a force is exerted on dielectric particles subjected to a nonuniform electric field—and new parameters. The company’s high-conductance DEP method could enable new, seamless, sample-to-answer diagnostic systems. These systems would allow for the rapid isolation and analysis of nanoscopic biomarkers and drug delivery nanoparticles from blood and other biological samples.

Biological Dynamics is developing this screening technology to isolate cell-free-circulating DNA, an important biomarker for early cancer detection, and is prototyping its novel AC electrokinetic devices. Over the next several years, the company envisions a significant impact in the field of medical diagnostics with its point-of-care, whole blood test kit to obtain the biomarker data necessary for detecting, treating, and monitoring cancer and other serious conditions at the early stage of disease.


*Detection of high-molecular-weight (hmw) DNA and fluorescent nanoparticles from whole blood and a chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) blood sample.
(A) Normal blood sample after dielectrophoresis (DEP) and washing. No fluorescence is observed on any of the microelectrodes.
(B) Blood sample spiked with SYBR Green-stained hmw-DNA. (SYBR Green, a registered trademark of Synergy Brands Inc., is a cyanine dye used as a nucleic-acid stain.) After DEP and washing, green fluorescence is observed on the nine activated microelectrodes.
(C) Blood from a CLL patient sample to which SYBR Green was added but no DNA. Following DEP and washing, green fluorescence is observed on the microelectrodes, indicating that hmw-DNA was present in the CLL blood.
(D) Blood spiked with 40nm red florescent nanoparticles. Upon completion of DEP and washing, intense red fluorescence is observed on the nine activated microelectrodes.

(Image and caption excerpted from SPIE – the international society for optics and photonics.)

Biological Dynamics, Inc.
3550 General Atomics Court MS 02/602, San Diego, CA 92121
Founded: 2009

Raj Krishnan, PhD – CEO, Founder

Financing: private funding

Technology Innovators:

hellerMichael Heller, PhD
Bioengineering & NanoEngineering
Jacobs School of Engineering


Raj Krishnan, PhD
CEO, Founder of Biological Dynamics