bathing_150pxBill joined UCSD’s TTO in 2005 as Finance and Operations Manager. He started soon after the decision to decentralized Tech Transfer’s financial function from UCOP was made. UCSD is now the only campus in the UC system to perform its own accounting for patent and copyright revenues and expenses. In his role as Finance and Operations Manager, Bill is responsible for the overall financial analysis of TTO’s large and complex patent, trademark and copyright portfolio and the general operations of the department. Along with his dedicated staff, he manages the royalty and patent distribution, revenue allocation to campus units, the department annual budget, and establishing accounting and financial reporting policies and procedures for the group.

He brings over 30 years of accounting and financial management experience to TTO, having previously worked as Vice President of Administration and Marketing for a division of Carlisle Corporation (NYSE-Fortune 500) and Controller/Chief Accounting Officer for Quidel Corp (NASDAQ). His background also includes being the Controller and financial lead on a team that took two San Diego biotech start-ups (Pacific Biotech and Wyntek Diagnostics) and successfully grew the businesses and merged them into Eli Lilly and Genzyme Corporation. He has been a registered CTEC Tax Preparer and holds a BS in Business Administration.

  • Bill Athing: Manager, Finance & Operations
  • Telephone: (858) 822-1672
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