App2You, Inc., is a developer of a Web-based platform that enables non-programmers to rapidly create and evolve fully custom hosted forms-driven workflow applications where users with different roles and rights interact. Such a platform will have a broad impact on organizations of all sizes by empowering nonprogrammer business process owners to quickly and easily deploy applications that capture the business processes of their organizations. Preliminary results from Phase I engagements shows that the platform has the maximum impact on enabling externally-facing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), which use the applications to facilitate and streamline interactions with customers and partners, achieve lower process management and customer/partner servicing costs, increase customer/partner satisfaction, and grow revenues.


App2You has the potential to operate as an equalizer between large companies and SMBs with limited time and money available for their IT infrastructure, since it enables the latter to obtain applications for their processes despite limited resources. Phase II will expand the impact by systematically reaching SMBs and promoting the use of the platform, making its use even simpler, and also finding additional verticals, such as forms distributorships and form abandonment cases, where forms-driven workflows can generate values. Finally, the Phase II project will create enhancements that facilitate successful collaborations between business process owners and ad hoc information technology staff. If successful, the App2You platform has the potential to address an emerging and potentially significant opportunity in the SMB space.

PO Box 928014, San Diego, CA 92192
Tel: (858) 876-7656
Founded: 2006

Technology Innovator:


Yannis Papakonstantinou, PhD
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
Jacobs School of Engineering